MEN'S Shed

As people retiring often downsize their living arrangements, the back yard shed or workshop is lost, resulting in a loss of personal space for our men.  Additionally, many men are reluctant to talk about their emotions which means they usually don’t ask for help.  Because of this, many men are less healthy than women, drink more, take more risks and suffer more from isolation, loneliness and depression.  Department of Veteran Affairs together with the Phillip Island RSL recognised a strong need in our local community, and in 2010, the Phillip Island RSL Community Men’s Shed became a reality, initially opening with a woodwork shed and in 2013, a metalwork shed.  During the course of 2017, the two workshop sheds were joined creating an additional 40 square metres of working space.

The Shed is the initiative of P.I.R.S.L.  and is open to men of all ages. There are no prerequisite skills required to become a member of the Shed.

The Shed is open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings 9 am to noon.

The Shed, like many more across the length and breadth of Australia, provide men, particularly retired men, the opportunity of coming together to participate in a wide and diverse range of projects. The modern Men’s Shed is an updated version of “the back yard shed” or “man cave and is a real part of Aussie culture.

While the bulk of the projects undertaken by the Shed require the use of power tools, of which the Shed has a vast array, some projects only need sanding and painting.

Equipment available for use includes:

  • Power and hand tools, wood turning lathe, saw benches, rills, sanders, planers
  • Dovetail machine, air compressor, paint, welding, metal bending, sheet metal tools

The Shed membership consists of men, who during their working life have been employed in various disciplines e.g. Professional, Industrial, Trade etc. This mix provides the opportunity for men to pass on to others their individual knowledge and skill.

The Shed provides a mecca for local members of the community to meet regularly to work on all types of projects from: small tool boxes, picnic tables, planter boxes,  stage props, penguin boxes as well as repairing and restoring furniture and engaging with primary school children teaching them new skills.

Members are encouraged to bring their own projects to the Shed where they can either work alone on them or seek help from another member.

While it is not the intent of the Shed to take work away from local business, community members are welcome to request the Shed to assist them with repairs to furniture etc, much of the work the Shed has undertaken since opening their door has been repairing furniture etc. 

If you are sitting at home with time to spare, and no “shed to play in”,  why not call into the Shed to see what we do.

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MEN'S Shed community


As an essential part of the Welfare Program of the Phillip Island RSL Sub-Branch the Men’s Shed will provide a venue designed to promote any appropriate activity which encourages social interaction across all sectors of our community, irrespective of religion, ethnic origin, socio-economic status or gender of any who wish to participate, focusing on those who may be at risk.


To develop and promote a Men’s Shed which, through its activities will set a benchmark in excellence in serving and addressing many of the latent welfare needs that exist in our community.


A warm welcome is extended to you and we trust that you will enjoy all of the activities at the Phillip Island RSL Community Men’s Shed.

The purpose of this document is to provide you, ‘the participant” with a basic understanding of the “Principles & Planned Activities” to be carried out AND performed under the Phillip Island RSL Community Men’s Shed’s concept.

It should be understood that the major focus of this initiative is to provide you with an environment that helps to enhance your physical, mental and emotional health. In other words “relax, learn and have a good time.

The following supplements will further explain in more detail our aspirations and general operations of the Phillip Island RSL Community Men’s Shed. Please read the supplements as there is important information included that you should know and will assist you to help us all to achieve our major focus

The story of "The Shed"

“The Shed” holds an important place in Australian culture. The backyard shed is often a place of refuge where a person can dream dreams, build something practical or create something fanciful.


For some of us “The Shed” provides a reservoir of memories, for others it is a meeting place where family and mates can swap stories and share skills with each other. So often though, when families have grown and the house is sold, the parents retire and
move into a smaller place and the first thing to go is “The Shed”.


This can cause a certain amount of stress to come to some people because not only do they lose their loved workshop and all their memories but they also lose that little bit of personal space that allows them to sit and ponder. The loss of a shed can also be frustrating for many as over time they lose their creative skills and the ability to think in a positive way.


With these in mind, the idea of the Phillip Island RSL Community Men’s Shed was born so people can come together and use their skills, chat with others in a friendly environment and be able to use the tools and equipment provided.


Being able to participate in community projects or simply bring your personal projects to the Shed to work on, all helps to create good health and wellbeing.


Hence the Phillip Island RSL Community Men’s Shed has been set up to meet these needs.